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Maximize Insurance Dwelling & Code Upgrade Payments / Construction Contract Review – Free Services

Mike Behler

Mike Behler, a Santa Rosa builder, will help review construction contracts.  See his handouts on Hiring Builders and Questions for Architects/Designers found Here »

He currently focuses on commercial building and is not taking on any residential projects at this time.  Mike has donated his time to help fire survivors embark on rebuilding.

General Manager, LEED AP
Behler Construction Company
1820 J Empire Industrial Court, Santa Rosa, CA 95493

Matthew Grill


From: Matthew Grill <>
Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2018, 7:24:30 PM PDT
Subject: Rebuild and Insurance Navigation Consultant

Dear Fire Survivors,

My name is Matthew Grill.  As you may know, my non-profit Fire Victims Coalition hosted the Fire Survivors Seminar at the LBC last Saturday.

After the seminar, I received a request to provide one on one consulting.  After giving it some consideration, I can take on a handful of people and help them navigate the insurance and rebuild process.

Here is my experience:

  • I lost my home in 2007 in a Wildfire.
  • I was underinsured
  • I rebuilt and maximized all of my insurance policy
  • I have 20+ years experience in building and development

Here is what I can help consult with:

  • I can be your advocate in this rebuilding process to help protect you
  • Find ways to save you money so you can add more upgrades or have additional cash
  • A-Z rebuilding and insurance navigation
  • Selecting a builder
  • Bid reviews
  • Help with builder contracts
  • Process mechanics lien paperwork, so you don’t pay twice
  • Process bank draws from your mortgage company
  • Communicate with your builder

I know the process may seem daunting to rebuild.  We will get through this, and it’s not as bad as it seems.

If you are interested, I would be happy to give you an hour of my time at no cost to see how I can help or just give you tips to help you on the road to recovery.

Thank you!
Matthew Grill
530-478-1514 Office
909-230-0929 Cell


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