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Maximize Insurance Dwelling & Code Upgrade Payments – Paid Services

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Current as of this writing. This list does not represent all of these types of services nor does this list serve as an endorsement of any particular service.  Please remember to read any contract carefully before signing and paying, and check licenses and references accordingly.  

1) North Bay Fire Claim Assist
Matt Everson and Bill Wallace.
$4000-6000 flat fee (subject to change).  Lic. 1035130
1423 13th Street, Santa Rosa, CA. 95404
(707) 595-8912
North Bay Fire Claim Assist Does Not Offer Legal, Tax, Insurance or Financial Advice. Please Always Check With Your Legal, Tax, Financial or Insurance Professional.

Read More Here.

2)  If I am not getting this wrong, Caymus Builders are willing to do an estimate of your house “as was” for the purpose of scope of loss and O&L:   “Rob Auger of Caymus Builders … charged $1000 and did a detailed “starter estimate.”  His phone is 916.869.4664.”  However, this was posted a while ago, so don’t know if they are still willing to do this.  Last I heard, they may be unwilling to work on any house that costs less than $1 million to rebuild.

3) Public Adjusters. Fees are, I believe, 8-20% of policy limits.  Don’t know if they will do a partial, eg (just contents or just dwelling).  Greenspan is one active for these fires, but there are others.  Another list member mentioned Brian Levy at Alliance Loss Consultants who might charge less than 5%.

Please let me know if I’ve missed anything.

Opinions (but every family has to make choices based on their own needs):

Claimants who are really underinsured may not want the expense of hiring a public adjuster.

Claimants who are rebuilding and pretty close to meeting dwelling policy limits may not need these services as their limits may be met as rebuild happens, esp with respect to O&L.

Claimants who are not rebuilding or are very far from meeting dwelling policy limits may feel the need to consider one of the above services.

Claimants who are rebuilding may get help from their builders with O&L and other parts of their dwelling coverage, and some of those claimants’ adjusters are accepting those numbers.

Same as above, but those claimants’ adjusters are NOT accepting their builder’s numbers. Here’s a thought.  For those claimants who share the same builder (and insurer), maybe going in together to get help from a Scope Writer *might* be an option to reduce the additional cost (like the group discounts available when some of us did soils testing or topo surveys). Can’t hurt to ask.


Neighbors Together ~ Strong & Resilient does not provide any advice or endorse any service provider or agency. 

October 2017 Northern California Firestorm: Tubbs Fire in Santa Rosa: Coffey Park; Fountaingrove (Hidden Valley Estates (HVE) is lumped with FG); Larkfield-Wikiup-Mark West-Riebli; Rincon Valley-Deer Trail-Calistoga Rd; Bennett Ridge (Nuns/Annadel Fire) . . . See more . . . »

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