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Rotating Adjusters; Dwelling Scope

Helpful Hints Courtesy of United Policyholders

If rotating adjusters are holding up your progress, get the status report your insurance company is legally required to give you.

The law in CA is – if within a six-month period, the company assigns a third or subsequent adjuster to be primarily responsible for a claim, the insurer, in a timely manner, shall provide the insured with a written status report. For purposes of this section, a written status report shall include a summary of any decisions or actions that are substantially related to the disposition of a claim, including, but not limited to, the amount of losses to structures or contents, the retention or consultation of design or construction professionals, the amount of coverage for losses to structures or contents and all items of dispute. CA Ins. Code 2071

A reasonably accurate and complete dwelling scope and estimate is key to settling your dwelling claim. 

If your insurer/adjuster’s dwelling replacement number is lower than yours, you are in a very common situation. There are several ways to resolve this situation – Negotation, Mediation, Appraisal, Litigation.  Whichever of these ways you use, if your number and supporting documentation is reasonably complete and accurate so a disinterested person would say “you are right and they are wrong”, you’re on the right track. The key is to have good supporting documentation.

Adjuster mistakes on depreciation are super common and fixable by insisting they provide a basis for their math:  

CA law says, (f) When the amount claimed is adjusted because of depreciation, all justification for the adjustment shall be contained in the claim file. Any adjustments shall be discernable, measurable, itemized, and specified as to dollar amount, and shall accurately reflect the value of the depreciation. The basis for any adjustment shall be fully explained to the claimant in writing.

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