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Contractor Cautions

Important Hints from Permitting Folks

1. “Agent” or “Owner-Builder”

The County suggests that homeowners who are inexperienced with new construction think twice about being the “builder” while their contractor serves as “agent.”  Being the “builder” means you pull the permits, among other things, and comes with many obligations and financial liabilities that most homeowners don’t know about.  Your contractor should be your builder, in most cases.  Some contractors will try to persuade you that you will save money if they are just the “agent,” but it *may* not be worth it in the long run.  Any questions, ask the County or City permit centers.

2. Be careful of the wrong kind of contractor.

Because of the labor shortage, some workers are branching out or going into business for themselves.

Example 1:  Mr. Smith is a great repair plumber but has never done new construction.  He may not be the best person to be your plumbing subcontractor on your rebuild.

Example 2:  Mr. Jones is a great drywaller, but he has always worked as an employee for someone else.  He decides to start his own drywall business. He may still be a great drywaller, but his business inexperience may derail your rebuild effort.

For either item above, it’s about common sense, especially for homeowners with no construction experience.

The above information courtesy of Supervisor James Gore’s weekly block captain meetings.



Neighbors Together SR does not provide any advice or endorse any service provider or agency. 

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