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NTSR Now for All California Fire Survivors

Because of the number of fires in California since October 2017, I will try to make more of NTSR applicable to more fire survivors. I’ll work on these updates over the next few days and weeks.  On the main navigation pages (Rebuilding, Neighborhoods, Insurance Topics, Insurance Groups, Resources) I’ve noted what is applicable to all fire survivors.  However, many of the Sonoma-specific pages still contain information which can help educate any fire survivor in California.

I started this website from my experience of having lost my home in the 2017 Tubbs Fire in Santa Rosa, California.  Then the 2017 and 2018 and current Central Coast and Southern California fires and landslides happened. Then the Carr (Redding/Shasta/Trinity) and Mendocino-Complex Fires happened in 2018.  And now the Camp Fire in Butte County November 8-___, 2018.

I quickly put together After a Wildfire–Where to Start, Part 1 and After a Wildfire–Where to Start, Part 2 after the Carr fire this year.  I’ve realized that a revamp of the post-fire checklist is unfortunately necessary.  Here is the work-in-progress updated post-fire checklist, made with the help of many fire survivors.  Check back for updates.

Also, it has become clearer that we need easy-to-use evacuation checklists.  I’ve seen a few.  If any of you have any good materials or links, please let me know.  Also, if you know of fb pages for the Camp, Hill, and Woolsey fire survivors, please let me know.

Sending out love and well wishes to all.  My deepest commiserations for everyone.



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