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Free Financial Planning for Camp Fire Survivors July & August 2019

July 2019 Date Added!

Free Financial Planning for Camp (and other) Fire Survivors

Certified Financial Planner (“CFP“) volunteers and the Financial Planning Association of Northern California Pro Bono Committee are offering free financial planning sessions for fire survivors.  A CFP will provide free (no strings attached) and objective financial advice addressing your biggest concerns and decisions.  These one-hour sessions are focused on advice–not sales pitches.  If there is interest,  more Financial Planning Days may be scheduled.

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Financial questions often arise around:
Budgets ~  Investments  ~  Taxes*  ~  Insurance

A question as simple as “Should I rebuild my home after the fire” touches on all of these areas.

Pro Bono CFPs  can help those in the community work through questions like these and more in a safe environment.  This article from the New York Times further describes the benefits of having an independent financial sounding board when making financial decisions.

All Pro Bono volunteers sign a pledge to not solicit business or hand out business cards. They are here to serve. All advice is free.

The consultation is for one hour. A full financial plan is not created in an hour. This is a safe environment to explore questions and options. Follow-up with specialized experts may be necessary.

* While Certified Financial Planners have some general tax knowledge, specific disaster-related tax questions should be directed to a tax professional who is experienced in such matters.

Brought to you by the Financial Planning Association of NorCal Pro Bono Committee:

Free Financial Planning for Camp Fire Survivors (July, Aug 2019)

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