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Free Financial Planning for Fire Survivors (Chico)

This no-cost event  is offered as a public service.

Saturday, Aug 31, 2019 – 1pm – 5pm
Chico Public Library (1108 Sherman Way, Chico)

To book a 1hr appointment:

Certified Financial Planner (“CFP“) volunteers and the Financial Planning Association of Northern California Pro Bono Committee are offering free financial planning sessions for fire survivors.  A CFP will provide free (no strings attached) and objective financial advice addressing your biggest concerns and decisions.  These one-hour sessions are focused on advice–not sales pitches.  If there is interest,  more Financial Planning Days may be scheduled.

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Financial questions often arise around:
Budgets ~  Investments  ~  Taxes*  ~  Insurance

A question as simple as “Should I rebuild my home after the fire” touches on all of these areas.

Pro Bono CFPs  can help those in the community work through questions like these and more in a safe environment.  This article from the New York Times further describes the benefits of having an independent financial sounding board when making financial decisions.

All Pro Bono volunteers sign a pledge to not solicit business or hand out business cards. They are here to serve.  All advice is free.

The consultation is for one hour. A full financial plan is not created in an hour. This is a safe environment to explore questions and options. Follow-up with specialized experts may be necessary.

* While Certified Financial Planners have some general tax knowledge, specific disaster-related tax questions should be directed to a tax professional who is experienced in such matters.

Brought to you by the Financial Planning Association of NorCal Pro Bono Committee:

Free Financial Planning for Fire Survivors – Chico (July, Aug 2019)

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