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  • Many employers require a valid Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) certification for healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses and physician assistants.
  • You can earn an ACLS certification online from various organizations. Completing the coursework for your certification online can help you save time and money and avoid the hassle of traveling to complete an in-person class.
  • Check that your employer will accept your specific online ACLS certification before you enroll in a course. Some employers require that you earn your ACLS certification from a program approved by the American Heart Association, which doesn’t authorize fully online ACLS certification courses.
  • After you earn your ACLS, you’ll need to pass an updated ACLS exam to recertify and renew every two years. You can complete your recertification coursework online.

An Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) certification can help you get the skills to save lives. Designed for healthcare professionals who manage or respond to cardiovascular emergencies, ACLS courses cover basic and advanced life support skills, airway management and effective communication with a resuscitation team.

Your employer, or the state you work in, may require you to earn and maintain ACLS certification as a prerequisite for getting and keeping your healthcare job. Healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, dentists and paramedics typically need Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support certification. Depending on your employer’s requirements, you can earn your initial ACLS certification or take the classes you need to renew it online.

This page ranks the best ACLS certification online programs we found based on our research. Refer to this guide to find a high-quality ACLS certification program online.

Should You Pursue an Online ACLS Certification?

Pro Tip

Before enrolling in a prospective online ACLS certification program, check that your employer will accept it. Some employers require an ACLS certification approved by the American Heart Association, and the organization doesn’t currently authorize fully online programs.

Earning an ACLS certification online can be a convenient way for busy healthcare professionals to gain or refresh a valuable skill and meet their employer’s requirements. However, there are several factors to ponder when choosing between an in-person or online ACLS certification program. We discuss some of these considerations below.

  • Will your employer accept an online ACLS certification? Some employers require an ACLS certification approved by the American Heart Association (AHA), and the group doesn’t currently authorize any fully online ACLS certifications. If your employer doesn’t require an AHA ACLS certification, an online program might be perfect for you.

Even if you don’t need an AHA-approved ACLS certification, ensure that your employer will accept the credential from the specific organization you choose before enrolling in the class.

  • What’s your learning style? If you’re a self-motivated, organized and disciplined learner, an online ACLS certification program might be perfect. However, if you learn better through hands-on exercises and with the structure of meeting in person at a set time, consider finding an in-person ACLS certification program.
  • How will it fit into your schedule? If you have a busy full-time job or other time-consuming personal obligations, an online ACLS certification program offers flexibility and convenience that you’ll appreciate. Choosing a program with asynchronous learning means you don’t need to log on and attend live classes at a set time. Instead, you can watch streaming lectures and complete assignments when they fit your schedule.
  • Is it a credible program? Even though the AHA doesn’t authorize fully online programs, you should still find a program that meets the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) guidelines, which the AHA follows. Choosing a program that follows ILCOR and AHA guidelines for ACLS classes means you’ll receive up-to-date training and learn best practices for emergency resuscitation.

Another way to ensure you choose a high-quality course is to look for providers accredited by the Postgraduate Institute for Medicine (PIM). This independent accrediting body gives its stamp of approval to continuing education programs for healthcare providers that meet minimum standards.

7 ACLS Certification Options


Program Title: ACLS Certification Online
Cost: $159
Program Length: N/A
Prerequisites: N/A
Program Overview: ACLS.com’s online ACLS certification course features a money-back guarantee if your employer won’t accept it. The class covers the signs and symptoms of stroke, effective resuscitation techniques and resuscitation team dynamics. The Postgraduate Institute of Medicine provides accreditation for the course. ACLS.com also offers an ACLS recertification course.

Save a Life by National Health Care Provider Solutions

Program Title: ACLS Certification & Recertification
Cost: $159
Program Length: N/A
Prerequisites: N/A
Program Overview: Save a Life by NHCPS’ fully online ACLS certification and recertification courses are accredited by PIM, Joint Commission compliant and adherent to ILCOR standards and guidelines. If you’re unhappy about the course for any reason, you can request a refund. You can get up to eight AMA Category 1 Credits for continuing education.

You’ll receive your digital certification instantly after you complete the course, but if you need a printed provider card, Save a Life can ship one to you.

United Medical Education

Program Title: ACLS Online Certification & Renewal
Cost: $119
Program Length: N/A
Prerequisites: N/A
Program Overview: The ACLS online certification and renewal from United Medical Education includes free online materials and an instant certification card upon completion. Course topics include tachycardias, acute myocardial infarction, choking interventions for adults and pulseless electrical activity. The course features algorithms and diagrams that simplify the concepts and help you complete the material quickly.

The class is accredited by PIM, certified for AMA Category 1 Credits and follows all current CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care guidelines.


Program Title: ACLS Certification Online
Cost: $169
Program Length: N/A
Prerequisites: N/A
Program Overview: Designed for first-time ACLS providers, eMedCert offers a fully online ACLS certification course that meets the latest AHA and ILCOR guidelines. Students get 24/7 access to the self-paced class, which includes interactive training materials and is available via smartphone, desktop computer or tablet. You get ACLS exam practice questions, unlimited exam retakes and immediate test results.

Students who finish the class can receive up to eight continuing education credits and get an instant digital provider card. Plus, eMedCert offers a discount for returning customers who need to recertify their ACLS credential.

Advanced Medical Certification

Program Title: ACLS Online Certification
Cost: $149
Program Length: Eight hours (estimated)
Prerequisites: N/A
Program Overview: You can earn up to eight AMA Category 1 Credits when you complete the ACLS online certification course from Advanced Medical Certification. The class, offered in joint partnership with the Postgraduate Institute for Medicine, meets ILCOR standards and is Joint Commission compliant. The curriculum covers principles of early defibrillation, basic life support, ACLS algorithms and ACLS “megacodes.”

Advanced Medical Certification offers a lifelong ACLS certification for $599. You still have to pass an updated exam every two years to recertify, but you won’t need to pay again.

American Medical Resource Institute (AMRI)

Program Title: Online ACLS Certification Course
Cost: $275
Program Length: N/A
Prerequisites: N/A
Program Overview: AMRI’s online ACLS certification course offers a free instant ACLS card and a money-back guarantee for one year if your employer won’t accept it. The organization has certified more than 1 million professionals over 35 years. The course is based on the latest guidelines from the American Heart Association; your certification card will be from the National Board of Emergency Care Certifications.

Students learn from case studies, get help from support staff and answer practice questions to prepare for the online exam. After passing the exam, you instantly receive 10 continuing education credits. If you don’t pass the test the first time, you can review your answers to see what went wrong and retake it for free.

National CPR Association

Program Title: ACLS Certification
Cost: $269.95
Program Length: N/A
Prerequisites: N/A
Program Overview: The National CPR Association offers an online ACLS certification course based on guidelines set by the AHA and ILCOR. The online training features instruction from experienced healthcare professionals and includes unlimited practice tests and free exam retakes. After completion, you receive an instant copy of your certification.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Online ACLS Certifications

Is online ACLS certification valid?

Many, but not all, employers accept online ACLS certifications. Some employers require AHA-approved ACLS courses, and the AHA doesn’t give its authorization to fully online ACLS courses.

Can I do an ACLS course online?

Yes, many organizations offer legitimate ACLS certifications completely online. You can complete an ACLS course online from groups such as the American Medical Resource Institute, the National CPR Association and United Medical Education.

How many times can I take the ACLS online exam?

The number of times you can take the ACLS online exam depends on the provider where you take the course and exam. However, many online providers let you take the ACLS online exam as many times as it’s necessary to get a passing score. Research the policy at your prospective online ACLS certification provider before enrolling.

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