Membership Rewards from Amex are the points cardholders earn from credit card spending, referring friends to sign up for a card or via a variety of other methods. These points can be redeemed in various ways, but redemptions through Amex partners—especially for premium cabin airfare—are usually the best value. Membership Rewards points are some of the most valuable credit card reward points on the market.

Not all Amex cards earn Membership Reward points—for instance, many Amex-issued hotel and airline points earn points within the respective co-branded loyalty program and may only be redeemed within that program.

Membership Rewards can also be redeemed toward travel purchases through Amex Travel as a statement credit, gift cards, merchandise and more.

How Do I Use My American Express Rewards Points?

Redeem your Amex Membership Rewards by logging into your account on the Amex website. You can use your rewards for travel bookings, transfer them to airline and hotel partners, redeem them for a statement credit or put them toward gift cards and merchandise. The value of your reward point redemption depends on the redemption method.

How Many Amex Cards Can You Have?

American Express doesn’t have a formal published limit to how many cards someone can have. However, various sources estimate an individual is typically limited to four or five American Express credit cards. Charge cards are not thought to count toward this limit.

It’s worth noting that new cards are issued based on creditworthiness and other factors. Someone with only one or two American Express cards may not receive approval for an additional card. It’s also possible to receive a card, but not be eligible to earn the welcome bonus, if you previously held that card.

If you’re considering applying for another card, Amex has an eligibility tool that will tell you after you submit your information if you are eligible for the bonus. This is typically only a soft credit check and won’t harm your credit score. You have the option to proceed with a hard credit check after you receive preapproval or cancel before going any further.

How To Check Eligibility for American Express Cards

There are a few factors required to Amex card eligibility. All cardholders must be 18 or over. Anyone between 18 and 21 may have to show proof of income to get an Amex card. Credit score is also a key factor. Although it depends on the exact card and your history with American Express, you’ll probably need at least a 670 to 739 for approval, which is a good score, according to FICO. Meanwhile, some premium Amex cards may require a higher score of 800 or above. If your credit score isn’t high enough, consider becoming an authorized user on a trusted friend or family member’s Amex card, which can help boost your score over time.

Or, consider building credit with a secured card or a credit card for bad credit to improve your credit profile before applying for an Amex card. For more information on your credit report and to use a credit simulator, Amex offers the option to sign up for My Credit Guide for free, even if you’re not an Amex cardholder.

You’ll also want to count how many Amex credit cards you hold. If you already hold four of five cards, you may not be able to get approved for more.

You can also use Amex’s preapproval tool to see if you’re eligible for card approval without a hard check on your credit. If you don’t see the card there that you’re hoping to apply for, you can always call American Express to check eligibility before formally applying. Finding out if you have any pre-qualified offers is another easy way to check eligibility for American Express cards. You may also get these in the mail, so check your mailbox.

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