Forbes Advisor evaluated multiple credit cards to find and rank the best business cards for bad credit. For each credit card, we considered information that potential cardholders would use in their decision-making process, including:

  • Earnings rates
  • Business benefits
  • Ability to upgrade to an unsecured card
  • Welcome bonus
  • Introductory APR
  • Fees
  • Consumer benefits

Forbes Advisor rates cards both as stand-alone products (the card rating on the review) and compared to others in a specific use case (the card rating you see on a specific “Best” list). The rating for each card changes on different “Best” lists according to how a person looking for a card in that category may value certain card features.

For instance, a card that might be considered mediocre on a list of rewards cards could be the top card on a list of rewards cards with no annual fee. That’s because the card might offer limited features compared to other rewards cards, but after we remove cards that charge an annual fee, it’s the best card that remains.

Forbes Advisor uses data from multiple government agencies to determine how much a typical cardholder might spend. We use the same numbers for cards in the same category to make sure we are comparing cards the same way. The bonus categories for spending included with each card are factored into our determination of how many rewards a cardholder could expect to earn if they use the card as a consumer normally would.

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Last Update: June 25, 2024

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