Forbes Advisor considered many factors to determine the best criminal defense lawyers in Tucson of 2024. Its mathematical analysis considers and weighs the information collected to calculate a specific rating and reviews these results to find the best attorneys in a given practice area.

Within the model, we take into account factors that legal professionals and consumers value in an attorney’s qualifications. After assigning weighted scores to hundreds of data points, we narrowed the field down to our top choices based on:

  • Legal experience
  • Special licenses and certifications
  • Ethics and bar disciplinary measures
  • Legal thought leadership
  • Education and employment background
  • Scholarly lectures and writings
  • Awards and honors

Forbes Advisor collects public data from a variety of sources, including state bar associations, court records and other published sources on the internet. However, this information is not comprehensive. It may not include additional relevant information about attorneys’ legal skills and experience.

Each lawyer on our list has their own merits. Though our list relates to these lawyers’ legal backgrounds, it does not evaluate their personalities or their knowledge of the law. One attorney may be more suitable than another for your specific legal situation.

Something our list cannot quantify is the rapport you establish with your attorney. Demeanor goes a long way when teaming up with an attorney, especially when going through a potentially difficult legal situation. These rankings should serve as a reference and potential starting point in your search for the right lawyer for you and your legal concerns.

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Last Update: July 8, 2024

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