To identify the most dependable registered agent services, we explored a variety of providers and narrowed it down to the 10 best. We appraised these across six critical categories, using a total of 17 different metrics. The criteria were weighted to highlight features that are crucial to small businesses.

Here are the metrics we employed to evaluate the best registered agent services:


We reviewed both the initial and renewal prices for registered agent services, along with any supplementary or unforeseen fees, including unexpected extras. We also considered any guarantees and extra perks. Pricing represents 20% of the final score.

General Features

Thirty percent of our review methodology included looking at how providers manage documents, communicate the arrival of new correspondence and whether they alert you to important registration renewal deadlines and urgent documents.

Mobile App

As businesses operate from various locations, owners frequently depend on mobile technology to keep processes seamless. We evaluated the offering of a mobile app by the services, but this functionality only accounts for 5% of the score because it does not contribute to the main services provided by the agent.

Service and Support

Unlike mobile features, we found that the ability to get in touch with live help at any time is a crucial component of a top-tier service. We evaluated the customer support availability for each provider and rated them based on the various methods of contact, the availability of 24/7 support and the existence of a knowledge base for self-help. These factors make up 15% of a provider’s total score.

Ratings and Reviews

To gain an understanding of how users universally feel about each provider, we analyzed third-party user reviews and ratings. We considered the average rating for each provider and the volume of reviews they received. These ratings make up 10% of the total score.

Expert Score

Based on our own firsthand experience, we included a variety of metrics such as ease of use, the quality of features and popularity to determine which of the services truly are the best. This expert review amounts to the last 20% of the overall rating.

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Last Update: June 14, 2024