As with most lucrative rewards cards, Southwest credit cards likely require a good to excellent credit score. FICO defines a good credit score as a range between 670 to 739. A very good score ranges from 740 to 799, while an excellent score begins at 800.

Before applying for a Southwest card, be sure to look at your credit score to see if you’re likely to get approved. Keep in mind other factors can affect your application, like payment history, other existing debt and the number of recently opened accounts. Do a brief sweep of your credit history before applying.

How Hard Is It To Get a Southwest Credit Card?

Southwest’s credit cards are likely to require a good or better credit rating, meaning applicants will likely need a score of 670 or higher on the FICO scale. The higher your credit score and better your income, the more likely you are to be approved, but no specific credit score will guarantee approval. Since all the Southwest credit cards also charge annual fees, a financial barrier to entry exists as well.

How Long Does It Take to Receive Approval for a Southwest Credit Card?

Applications for Chase-issued cards may be approved or denied immediately when an application is submitted online or over the phone, but by law an issuer must provide you reasons your application was denied in writing within 30 days.

Southwest Credit Card Rewards

Southwest’s rewards are known as fairly easy to earn because of the variety of earning options. Customers earn Rapid Rewards Points when flying, when shopping using the points portal, by using a Southwest-branded credit card or through points transfer from a partner program such as Chase Ultimate Rewards. Points may be redeemed for bookings with the airline.

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Southwest Companion Pass

The Companion Pass is a highly sought-after benefit for many who fly Southwest. It allows the pass holder to bring a companion along for almost free on any Southwest flight for the remainder of the year they qualify, plus the following year. To qualify, the pass holder must either take 100 qualifying segments or accumulate 135,000 Rapid Rewards points in a calendar year. Purchased Rapid Rewards points and points transferred from partners like Chase Ultimate Rewards do not count toward qualification.

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