Flodesk and Mailchimp both offer solid email marketing features and functionality to help you manage other marketing initiatives. Let’s take a look at how Flodesk vs. Mailchimp stack up against each other so you can choose the right one for your needs:

Price Range

Flodesk and Mailchimp both offer free plans as well as premium paid options. Flodesk’s free tier only includes “link in bio” functionality to drive email subscriptions via social media. You can add email marketing for $35 per month, billed annually. The e-commerce plan costs $59 per month, billed annually. There are no caps on contacts or email sends.

Meanwhile, Mailchimp offers a basic free tier that includes email marketing features. Upgrade to one of its three paid tiers ranging from $13 to $350 per month. The Essentials plan starts at $13 per month for 500 contacts and allows monthly email sends of up to 10x your contact amount (500 contacts means you can send 5,000 emails per month). The Standard plan starts at $20 per month for 500 contacts with emails sends of 12x your contact list. The Premium plan starts at $350 per month for 10,000 contacts and email sends of 15x your contact list.

If you have more contacts, you’ll pay more per month. The Essentials plan allows up to 50,000 contacts and will cost $385 per month. The Standard plan goes up to 100,000 contacts for $800 per month. The Premium plan allows over 250,000 contacts but you’ll have to contact Mailchimp for a custom price.

Unlimited Email

Only Flodesk offers truly unlimited monthly email sends for only $35 per month, billed annually. Mailchimp’s Essentials plan starts with up to 500 contacts and 5,000 monthly email sends. However, you can pay extra for more than 3 million monthly email sends and more than 250,000 contacts.

Image Library

Mailchimp offers a content studio to help you organize your images, documents and other files. You can upload images manually or connect to your online store or business Instagram account to use images from those platforms. It even has a searchable Giphy library.

Flodesk’s image library is slightly more basic with the ability to manually upload and store photos and search for free images on Unsplash. Similar to Mailchimp, you can also search for free GIFs on Giphy.

Social Media Integration

Mailchimp offers robust social media integration with the ability to schedule and manage social media posts directly within the platform. Meanwhile, Flodesk only offers “link in bio” functionality that helps you collect email addresses from your social media accounts.

Marketing Automation

Both Flodesk and Mailchimp offer marketing automation via workflow automation builders. However, Mailchimp offers a wider breadth of marketing automation features, given that it integrates with social media, while Flodesk only helps with email marketing and e-commerce automation.

A/B Testing

Mailchimp offers both A/B testing and multivariate testing. This allows you to test subject lines, send times, from names and even the content of the email itself. Flodesk does not offer A/B or multivariate testing.

Last Update: June 26, 2024