Here’s a mission statement template structured to help you think through each important aspect of your mission statement, ensuring that the final product is both comprehensive and reflective of your organization’s unique values and objectives.

Purpose (Why We Exist)

[Your Organization’s Name] exists to:

[Briefly describe the core reason for your organization’s existence.]Values (What We Believe In)

Our core values include:

[List two to three key principles or beliefs that guide your organization.]Goals (What We Aim To Achieve)

Our primary goals are:

[List two to three broad objectives your organization is working towards.]Target Audience (Who We Serve)

We are dedicated to serving:

[Describe the specific group(s) or community your organization focuses on.]Strategy/Approach (How We Achieve Our Goals)

To achieve these goals, our approach involves:

[Outline the methods or practices your organization will use to achieve its objectives.]Refinement (Making It Resonate)

[Revise and refine the above components to ensure clarity and cohesion. Aim for a concise, impactful statement that encapsulates the essence of your organization.]

Final Mission Statement:

[Combine the above elements into a final, polished mission statement. It should be a clear, concise statement that reflects the unique identity and direction of your organization.]

Bottom Line

Crafting a mission statement is a vital step in defining the identity and direction of your organization. Using the template provided, you can start working at it right away. But remember to avoid vagueness and over-complication; a mission statement should be clear, specific and easy to understand. Also ensure it aligns with your organization’s actual values and goals, and is realistic and achievable.

Involving various stakeholders in its creation ensures wider acceptance and relevance, so take inputs from stakeholders, clients, employees and customers.

Last Update: June 14, 2024