Although OnePageCRM is considered a simple platform in the world of increasingly complex CRMs, it still offers a wide array of features. Not only does it have a comprehensive contact management system, which makes it easy to keep track of leads and contacts with notes, tasks and automations, but it also has its Action Stream, which is its version of task management, sales pipelines, bulk email, automations, reporting and various integrations for further versatility.

Action Stream

At the heart of OnePageCRM is its Action Stream. This is essentially its task management where you see your to-do list, which is sorted dynamically based on deadlines and urgency. To use this feature, simply select a contact and click the option to “Add a note.” In doing so, you can input the next task as well as the due date, which will determine the order of your tasks in your action stream. I find this to be a very easy system that works well for those who prefer to work with a to-do list but want the convenience and accessibility of an online task management tool.

OnePageCRM Add Action

Contact Management

OnePageCRM has a simplistic contact management dashboard where users can search for leads, contacts and organizations. Users can add contacts to deals, which is a nice feature, and add actions, notes, calls or meetings. I really like that actions serve as tasks, so each contact has a to-do list within the contact card. This makes it easier to stay on top of everything.

OnePageCRM Contact Management

Deals Pipeline

To help users manage deals, OnePageCRM offers customizable kanban-style sales, sometimes known as deals pipeline, with drag-and-drop functionality. Although it’s not the most visually appealing sales pipeline in the CRM industry, it does offer a couple of unique features. Each stage (or column) shows the number of deals in that stage and the revenue potential based on the likelihood of closing a deal. For example, if a new lead with a total value of $8,600 has a 10% chance of converting into a sale, OnePageCRM values it at $860. While this aspect of its deals pipeline isn’t useful to every sales team, it will be helpful for some.

OnePageCRM Deals Pipeline


OnePageCRM has a variety of workflow automation tools to automate the sales process and save you and your team time. It helps eliminate repetitive tasks, although it has a simple workflow structure that can be customized to suit many needs. For example, you could create a workflow to send a follow-up email automatically when a deal is moved from one stage in the pipeline to the next. Alternatively, when a new deal is created, you can set up an action automatically. While its workflow automation options may not be as robust as some CRMs, it is very user-friendly and does offer significant assistance in avoiding tedious and time-consuming tasks.

OnePageCRM Workflow Automations

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Last Update: June 20, 2024