Essentials is designed for simplicity and affordability, ideal for small teams. Professional, with a higher price point, caters to larger businesses needing advanced CRM capabilities. Below is a direct comparison to help you decide which is suited better for your business.


At $25 per month, Essentials is an economical solution for small businesses. This pricing is attractive for startups or small teams that need essential CRM capabilities without a hefty investment. Priced at $80 per user, per month, Professional targets businesses with larger budgets and a need for more comprehensive CRM tools. The higher cost reflects its wider array of features suitable for larger, more complex operations.

User Limit

Catering to small teams, Essentials caps its user limit at five. This limit aligns with its focus on smaller businesses where fewer hands manage customer relationships. With no cap on users, Professional is built for scalability. This feature is crucial for growing businesses that anticipate expanding their team and require a CRM that grows with them.

Reporting and Dashboards

Essentials offers basic reporting capabilities, sufficient for smaller businesses with simpler data analysis needs. It provides fundamental insights necessary for day-to-day operations. Professional steps up with customizable reports and dashboards. These advanced features cater to businesses that require in-depth data analysis and tailored reporting to inform strategic decisions.

Mobile App Functionality

The mobile app for Essentials has limited functionality, reflecting its straightforward approach to CRM. This aligns with the needs of smaller teams that require basic on-the-go CRM access. Professional boasts a full offline functionality in its mobile app, a significant advantage for teams that need access to CRM tools without constant internet connectivity.

Email Integration

Offering basic email integration, Essentials meets the needs of small businesses seeking simple ways to connect their email communications with their CRM. With advanced integration capabilities for Outlook and Gmail, Professional suits businesses that require deeper email-CRM integration for more efficient communication tracking and management.


The customization options in Essentials are limited, which is often sufficient for smaller businesses that don’t need complex customization. Extensive customization options in Professional allow larger businesses to tailor the CRM to their specific processes and needs, a critical feature for complex business structures.

Last Update: June 20, 2024