Traqq offers reporting, screenshots, video screen recording and a work timer to help teams assess productivity levels during work and act on their insights to create an efficient workspace. Here is a look at each of these Traqq features.


Traqq allows managers to create custom reports on their team or organizational data. For example, you can choose the data points you want to include in your reporting by choosing from weekly summaries, activity breakdowns, time breakdowns and manual time adjustments. You can also filter the selected data by individual or group. Finally, you can export such reports or share them via email in a .csv sheet or PDF file format.

In my testing, the reporting feature within Traqq was simple to navigate. With little means to customize it, no complex processes stood in the way of accessing all the data the app offers. I could, however, filter the data by date and member(s). Reports I could access with one click included time and activity, apps and websites, manual time adjustments, amounts earned and deleted tracked time reports. I could also export and spontaneously send a report by email from the in-app page.

Alternatively, I could also easily send reports to designated recipients at set intervals or days. To do so, under the “Reports” menu item, I clicked the “schedule reports” tab, then “+schedule report.” I then filled out the resulting pop-up form to select which report I wanted to send and when; filter it by team members or teams, report period or time zone; and choose whether to send the report in PDF or CSV format.

Traqq reporting options


Traqq captures employee screenshots at set intervals during their workdays. Each screenshot is slightly blurred to allow managers to see what general activities were being worked on without revealing the employee’s private information.

Once captured, screenshots are uploaded into an online account where they can be accessed by authorized individuals within the company, including the employees themselves. Employees can review screenshots and delete those they deem unnecessary. However, when they do, the corresponding 10-minute interval of work time will also be removed from their billable hours so employees need to be careful only to delete screenshots of nonwork activity.

The screenshot feature worked well when I downloaded the Traqq timer app. When I told the app to begin tracking my activity, I was given an option for the app to record my screen. This function worked in the background when the timer was on, automatically depositing the resulting images in my activity report for each 10-minute interval I worked.

Traqq screenshot reporting

Video Screen Recording

Along with screenshots, video recordings can be set for intervals throughout the workday. Conveniently, employees can turn this feature on and off to show an accurate depiction of their actual working hours. They can also delete screenshots that are taken during nonworking periods (by accident). As with screenshots, when they do, that 10-minute working period is removed from their billable hours. The remaining video clips are stored in a centralized place accessible to authorized individuals for productivity assessment purposes.

Time Tracking

Traqq offers online and off-line time tracking. Users can turn the time tracker on and off across Mac and PC desktop devices. Note that time tracking is not available on mobile devices. If users track time off-line, once they connect, that data is entered into the employee’s online profile. Users can also add manual time if, for example, they take a work call or must drive to a work site. From there, reports show time tracking insights such as break times, durations and activity levels throughout the workday.

To track time using Traqq, I had to download the Traqq timer app, set it up and click “start working.” To stop tracking my time, I simply hovered over the mini-window timer app on my computer home screen and clicked the red “Stop” button that appeared. The time was then automatically added to my Activity report in the main desktop app. I could also easily add manual time by clicking the three dots on the top left-hand corner of the timer and filling out a simple form to add the time and state a purpose for the time (such as meeting with a client).

Traqq Time Tracking app

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